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The Mystery of Life

Saturday July 1st 2017

She looks at me,unsure at first as to who I am but gradually a smile appears and I begin to relax in the knowledge that she’s happy I’m here. Her small hand reaches to share a biscuit with me but then opts instead for the vase of flowers on the table and tries to eat the scented and colourful sweet peas. I distract her with a beaker of water and am amazed at her strength as she pushes me away. She is feisty and determined to get her own way and although such behaviour can be difficult and challenging I still admire her for it.

I tell her how well she looks and that the colour she is wearing really suits her even though there are remnants of her breakfast dotted all over the colourful dress. She responds with a great big smile!

There are times when I know she’s in pain because I can see it etched in her face and yet she can’t tell me where it is. There are times when she looks at me with a stare that penetrates my soul and I know that I am a complete stranger to her.

But there are happier days. Yesterday as I looked at her lying in her warm, cozy bed, I am uplifted by the look of contentment on her face as she listens to her favourite music. It is this happy, smiling face that brings me back to see her , to sing with her, to feed her and to hug her.

She waves goodbye to me and I am filled with a sense of gratitude that I have her in my life.


Sunday July 2nd 2017

When I see her arriving I can barely conceal my delight. And yet I know to proceed with a gentle caution until she is secure in her new surroundings.  As we  settle down for a few hours of chat, fun, laughter and maybe even a few tears she reaches for the bottle of water beside me on the table and already I’m mopping up after her.

It’s lunchtime and I know from experience that porridge is all she’s going to eat for me. She loves its soft consistency regardless of the time of day but then again time doesn’t mean very much to her. She licks her lips with a quiet satisfaction as I feed her from the spoon and  at the same time manages to deposit various amounts of it on her dress, the chair and my shirt!

I tell her how pretty she looks today in her lovely bright red dress. She nods at me knowingly. I tell her she has the best appetite in the house and she grins from ear to ear. She loves to watch her favourite programmes on the television and does her best to sing along with some of the songs.

But she too has her moments of pain and I struggle to determine what is wrong as she sheds big , sorrowful tears. Sleep eventually brings relief and I gaze lovingly at her peaceful and beautiful face .

It’s time for her to leave again and as she waves goodbye , I am filled with a sense of love and gratitude for the presence of this special person in my life.


These are my thoughts after time spent with two of the most important people in my life. One is my 8 month old grand-daughter, the other is my 95 year old mother.